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Young Dolphin rescued and released

Hope, the aptly named rescued dolphin found dehydrated and tired in the mangroves across the river area from the Nambucca boat ramp area was released back into the Nambucca River today.

Dr Duan March, veterinarian for Dolphin Marine Magic, provided the veterinary supervision and work for the release.  “The dolphin has responded well to treatment under our care. We re-hydrated her, medicated her with a long acting antibiotic injection and collected blood to investigate the cause of her stranding.”

Dolphin Marine Magic’s Life Sciences Manager, Aaron Tolley said” DMM always strives to release animals back into the wild and it is a great outcome when we can release animals so quickly back into its natural habitat.”

The rescue and release was a joint operation between Dolphin Marine Magic, NPWS, Dolphin Research Australia, and Gumma Indigenous Protected Area. Following Hope’s release she will be monitored by representatives from Gumma Indigenous Protected Area to ensure her integration back into the wild.

This is part of the ongoing rescue, research and rehabilitation work which Dolphin Marine Magic provides. Click on the links below to see the news stories.

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