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What is #EDADMM all about?

“#EDADMM campaign” has been designed to focus on the “ACT” part of our EXPERIENCE.DISCOVER.ACT slogan.

DMM already does a fantastic job at providing unforgettable EXPERIENCEs and allowing the public to learn and DISCOVER about topics regarding the animals,
their environment and their threats and pollution.

We now want to focus on ensuring that we all ACT towards the best interest of the environment and inspire others including our guests and friends/families
to do so as well. Our goal is to try and reach as many people (visitors, friends, families, people who haven’t
even visited the park but saw us on social media, etc) as we can with this social media campaign.

The ACT part is very simple – Take time out of your day to pick up a piece of rubbish, take a selfie and #EDADMM. This way we can spread the word and
inspire others!


We are all about working together as a team to help save these wonderful animals from pollution. Here at DMM we love to share our experience with our
animals with you so you can discover the beauty of our environment and its threats. Most importantly we want all of you to act! Do what you can
to help our environment either by picking up a piece of rubbish or keep your pets inside at night to save lives of native animals.

We are now launching the EXPERIENCE.DISCOVER.ACT Dolphin Marine Magic (EDADMM) campaign on social media to inspire others to work together as well.
Therefore we ask each of you to go out pick up a piece of plastic or waste and put it in the bin, but before you do take a selfie #EDADMM and share
with the world that you may have saved a life with that act! This ay we can collectively see all of the people who have come together around the
world to help the same cause.


Experience, discover and ACT!

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