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The Road Unseen

Sometimes the road we travel is not how we imagined. For single Mum Tanya Savva & her daughter Mackenzie “Kenz” there have been more than a few obstacles.
Their journey has involved navigating a diagnosis of Septo Optic Dysplasia (SOD) soon after Kenz was born which resulted in her being completely blind.
Kenz has other medical conditions including pituitary gland problems which affect everything from sleep and energy levels to motor development delay and an inability to control body temperature.
“In learning that my precious little girl was far from the “perfect “daughter I expected, but more than I could ever ask for, we have travelled the road unseen from the very beginning”, Tanya writes on her blog, The Road Unseen.
Tanya has a passion for writing and she shares with complete candour and honesty on her blog.
Having trained as an occupational therapist, Tanya had an insight in to the road ahead for Kenz. She now home schools her daughter and the pair have just started a six month journey around Australia in a camper-van as advocates for Vision Australia.
One of the first stops on the trip was Dolphin Marine Magic this week where both were treated to some special seal time.
Follow Tanya and Kenz on her blog, The Road Unseen.
Story Courtesy of the Coffs Coast Advocate, Saturday 28th May

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