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Born: June 26, 1988 at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park; Father – Bucky; Mother – Buttons Species: Indo-Pacific Bottlenosed dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) Zipper (A.K.A. Zippy) is the son of Bucky and another rescued dolphin, Buttons. He was one of the first […]

Born: July 11, 2005, at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park; Father – Bucky; Mother – Calamity Species: Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) Bella is the eldest daughter of Bucky and Calamity. Bella is a very cheeky dolphin and enjoys posing for […]

Birthday: 3rd December 2009 at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park Parents: Bucky and Calamity Species: Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) Jet is naturally very inquisitive and playful which means he loves to learn new things. He is often seen interacting with […]

Adelaide was rescued as an orphaned pup in 2008 from a beach in South Australia. She was hand-raised by the Marine Mammal specialists at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park. She is a very laid back seal and loves to have a […]

Athena is a first time mum to Storm, and she is a natural! She takes great care of her pup and has taken on an amazing mothering role. Athena will continue to care for Storm and teach him all about […]

Cindy enjoys spending her time swimming and taking long naps on the rocks under the hot sun with Elle and Maxine in the Seal Shores exhibit. Cindy has starred in multiple media shoots including “Clean up our oceans” campaign. Cindy […]

Elle is a very playful and inquisitive seal and will play with anything new. She enjoys playing with all types of toys but her favourite toy is ice! She likes pushing it around with her flipper or sucking on it. […]

Meet Hugo, nicknamed ‘Huggie’ by his doting carers. Hugo is an endangered Australian Sea-lion. He was born at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park (DMCP) in Coffs Harbour as part of the Australasian Species Management Program (ASMP). The ASMP is a collaborative […]

Maxine is a gentle, fun and loving seal that really enjoys playing with her rope toys. Especially a good game of tug-of-war! Maxine is the mother of Miri and Rocky here at the park and is now also the proud […]

Miri is an energetic seal and loves jumping and playing in the water. She is very fast at learning new things and participates in our Marine Discovery Presentation. Miri also loves painting (although we think she gets more paint on […]

Miki was born on the 2nd July 2022 to parents, Miri (first time Mum) and Ozzie. This adorable Australian sea lion pup has won the hearts of all our team members at the park and guests who have been lucky […]

Ozzie or ‘Oz’ for short, loves playing with toys just like his mother, Elle. Oz is the largest seal at the park and is still growing. Ozzie’s enjoys playing and throwing around enrichment toys and his favourite activity includes splashing […]

UPDATE April 2023: Storm is currently residing at Taronga Zoo in Sydney as part of the Australasian Species Management Program to ensure the survival of endangered Australian Sea Lions. Storm swapped places with Moby (born October 2017) who has come […]

D.O.B: 2011   Michelangelo is the smallest of the short necked turtles, and a free spirited, goofy, relaxed jokester with an adventurous side.

D.O.B: 2006 Mrs Turtle Man is the most explorative turtle of the pond- you will often find her sunbaking on the logs, climbing the waterfall, or exploring the garden on land.

D.O.B: 2011   Porthos is the smallest and bravest of all the turtles, you can occasionally find him on an adventure out of the water.

D.O.B: 2011   Donatello is a very curious and intelligent turtle who is always observing and experimenting with his surroundings.

D.O.B: 2011   Athos is the largest long necked turtle and is also the shyest. He likes to spend most of his time hiding among the water plants.

D.O.B: 2011   Leonardo is courageous and conscientious who prefers to stay close by to his friends most of the time.

D.O.B: 2011   Raphael is the bad boy of the group and the largest of all the turtles, you often find his large shell sticking out from under logs as he tries to hide.

Dave is the boss of the park and always keeps an eye out for his brother Andrew. He loves to watch all the guests from his rooftop perch and also enjoys a good dust/dirt bath.

Andrew likes to greet all guests by meeting them at the front door, around the park or in our café. He also knows how handsome he so you can often see him showing off his beautiful feathers during summer months.