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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

TAFE at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

TAFE gettting hands on @ DMM

Dolphin Marine Magic happily welcomed the second round of Wauchope TAFE students back to the park today. The visit is part of the student’s curriculum,
who are studying both Certificate 2 and Certificate 3 in Companion animals.

The student’s teacher, Dr Catherine Pheiffer said “A lot of these students are looking for a career in either veterinary nursing or zoo keeping, so
if we can give them a hands-on experience of what it is like in the industry, it is a great opportunity”.

The visit for the budding zoo keepers will include presentations on the threats facing our marine fauna, health exams and even some more grizzly aspects
including a post mortem to investigate the possible cause of death in a sea turtle that recently stranded.

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