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A Loggerhead turtle rescued by Dolphin Marine Magic is on its way to South America after being released back into the ocean. The Loggerhead was one of nine endangered marine turtles given a second chance at life after being rehabilitated at DMM. Eight os the turtles were released off Split Solitary Island, while the Loggerhead needed a 35km journey offshore to the Continental Shelf as their migration pattern sees them go to South America, not to return for 30 years, if they make it. The Loggerhead Turtle was the sole survivor of a group of hatchlings rescued from Hearnes Lake in 2014. A high tide inundated the nest causing a number of the baby turtles having difficulty hatching. DMM was asked by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service to take in & raise the ones who were in the worst shape. Unfortunately this little guy was the only one to survive but when you are talking about an endangered species which is declining in numbers, every life you save is a win for the species. 
Story courtesy of Coffs Coast Advocate 

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