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Seal Storm 2016

Bluey – rescued 1-7-2016

Bluey got his name from the time he spent in the Angourie Blue Pools where he was rescued. With a few cookie cutter shark bites to the flipper, he has grown into a tough little seal. The largest of the rehab seals, Bluey is ever keen to act as the big brother to his pool mate, Skip. He always has a lot to say, especially when Skip gets in his way!


Skip – rescued 21-6-2016

Skip is our local rescue, rescued right off the stern of Skyppa IV docked in Coffs Marina. He absolutely loves a good swim and spending time beside Bluey. Skip is the most active seal and is quick to snatch any fish in sight!


Sweep – rescued 30-06-2016

Sweep was rescued from Brooms Head Caravan Park. Sweep was really underweight when she first saw her and for the first few days were touch and go. Now she is doing well and has put on some weight and whilst she loves to swim, most of the time you can find her sunbaking during the day. She has gained a lot of strength and energy during her time in rehabilitation but is the cruisiest of all the seals!


Shelly – rescued 2-7-2016

Shelly got her name from Ballina, where she was rescued from Shelly beach. Even though she is one of the smaller seals, she is the beauty queen, constantly seen grooming herself both in and out of the water. Looking fabulous, she also really enjoys swimming in the deep parts of the pool.


Allegra – rescued 5-7-2016

Allegra was rescued from the Nambucca Rock platform. She is a little ballerina, constantly twirling and spinning about in the water!


Scotti – 12-07-2016

Scotti, the smallest of the rehab seals, was rescued from Scott’s Head. She is the most inquisitive one, always curious of everything new in her surrounding. Scotti had a nasty eye injury when she came in and unfortunately the eye had to be removed. Fortunately the surgery went well and she has made a great recovery.

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