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Seal released – Carmen goes back to the wild!

A NEW Zealand fur seal found dehydrated and suffering from shark bites at
Hungry Head in August has finally been returned to her ocean home.

Named Carmen by the staff at Dolphin Marine Magic (DMM) she spent 10 weeks
resting and recuperating under the watchful care of DMM marine specialists and
veterinarian Dr Duan March.

“We decided to bring the fur seal in for treatment as inspection revealed an
emaciated animal with multiple wounds suspected to be shark bites,” Dr March

“With care the animal has regained strength. Its treatment included
antibiotics to treat infected wounds, subcutaneous fluids to treat dehydration,
medication to treat heavy burden of intestinal worms and, of course, plenty of
food and TLC.”

Carmen is assumed to be about 10 months old and recently weaned at the time
of her rescue.

New Zealand fur seals are often seen around our coastline and their numbers
seem to be increasing.

DMM’s manager of life sciences Aaron Tolley said fisherman John Dwyer was
right to report his discovery of the beached mammal.

“If people see a seal they believe to be in distress we recommend they
contact Dolphin Marine Magic or NPWS for an expert assessment,” Mr Tolley said.

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