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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Marine Conservation on the Coffs Coast

Rescuers breeding success

Recuperation centre gives community a lesson in conservation.


IN 1970, Dolphin Marine Magic opened as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for native marine animals. Dolphin Marine Magic permanently homes
andcares for marine mammals that have been brought into human care as a result of an injury or event that prohibited the animal being released
back to the wild.

The offspring of past and present marine mammals and animals from other like-minded institutions in Australia also reside permanently at the park.

The park works closelywith the local branch of New South Wales National Parks& Wildlife Services.

Dolphin Marine Magic isthe only zoological park in NSW exhibiting dolphins,and the two daily presentations are one of the Coffs Coast region’s
star attractions.

Through the fun andeducational hands-on experience the centre offers with the animals, Dolphin Marine Magic hopes to inspire life-changing habits
in guests that will make a

real and measurabledifference in the conservation of the marine environment.

The centre is home todozens of animals, more notably the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, seals, a flock of little penguins,green sea turtles,
fresh water turtles and a variety of

endemic fish species.They also have the most successful breeding record in the world of the endangered Australian sea lion.

Story Saturday September 23rd 2017, Coffs Coast Advocate






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