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AUSTRALIA'S highest profile vet took a dip with a famous local yesterday. Dr Harry, in town making housecalls and filming for his spot on television's Better Homes and Gardens, dropped in at the Pet Porpoise Pool to meet all the animals there. “I've

WORLD Ocean Day, a celebration of marine life recognising the importance of ocean conservation, will be marked on the Coffs Coast this Tuesday. The day marks the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity, dedicated to protecting endangered marine species such as coral reefs,

COFFS Harbour’s Pet Porpoise Pool is offering seniors free entry to the award-winning attraction tomorrow, the last day of Seniors Week 2010. The Pet Porpoise Pool has two Marine Magic shows on Sunday at 10am and 1pm and seniors wishing to attend one

STEPHANIE Henderson and Morgan Mingle have discovered that Jet the baby dolphin at the Pet Porpoise Pool is disciplined regularly. The two American students, completing a thesis dissertation, are researching at the Pet Porpoise Pool to better understand how dolphins talk and communicate. Jet, the

ONE of Coffs Harbour’s iconic attractions is experiencing a population boom that might necessitate it being re-named. The Pet Porpoise Pool is being overrun with penguins. It is celebrating the hatching of two Little Blue Penguin chicks two weeks ago, and the arrival of