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In early July 2013, Dolphin Marine Magic staff were called to investigate a small New Zealand Fur Seal that was seen laying on rocks at Winnona Headland, south of Hungry Head. Initially staff decided to simply monitor the seal’s progress

Rescue staff from Dolphin Marine Magic continue to monitor the condition of a New Zealand fur seal washed onto the shore at Emerald Beach. A concerned member of the public alerted Dolphin Marine Magic staff Thursday night that the seal may be in

They spend their days rescuing tourists on Sydney's busiest beach, but Trent "Maxi" Maxwell and Jesse Pollock were charmed by the 'locals' at Dolphin Marine Magic. The Bondi Rescue Lifeguards were in town week promoting their upcoming East Coast Ride, which will see them

In September 2012 a young female dolphin became trapped in Sussex Inlet on the south coast of NSW. Unable to return to the open ocean to rejoin her pod she became very tame and began interacting with people. She became so tame that

Caught hook, line and sinker, a pelican has made a recovery against the odds after it suffered a fractured beak in a painful brush with a fishing line.    The injured sea bird was spotted by staff at the Nambucca Boat

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