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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Pet Porpoise Pool marks 40 years

AN exhibition of cartoons by Pet Porpoise Pool founder Hec Goodall will be
staged at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery in January to mark 40 years which in recent years been steered to national
prominence by the new management.
Hec fought State and Federal governments, the local council and the animal
liberation movement for more than 23 years to keep the Pet Porpoise Pool open,
and the fact that Coffs Harbour today has the state’s only dolphinarium is
thanks to his fighting spirit and his expertise in caring for marine
During his time, the pool was used as a base for humpback whale research by
the Australian Museum for more than 10 years, as well as a focus for marine
mammal strandings and injured wildlife generally.
One of Coffs Harbour’s ‘living treasures’, the 83-year-old marine mammal
expert, is also
well-known for his cartoons and illustrations.
Many of his cartoons on topical issues have been published in the Coffs
Coast Advocate

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