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Penguin population boom at Pool

ONE of Coffs Harbour’s iconic attractions is experiencing a population boom
that might necessitate it being re-named.

The Pet Porpoise Pool is being overrun with penguins.

It is celebrating the hatching of two Little Blue Penguin chicks two weeks
ago, and the arrival of three young adult penguins from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to
assist with the Pool’s breeding program.

The Pet Porpoise Pool’s Spencer Pickering, who established the local breeding
program, is overjoyed with the recent developments.

“Both penguin chicks are thriving, thanks to their parents good parenting
skills,” Mr Pickering said.

“The existing penguin enclosure at the Pet Porpoise Pool has 16 residents in
total, with only four females and 12 males, with quite a few old boys! So it’s
important to focus on maintaining numbers for future breeding and population

It will be some time before the new chicks go on public exhibition or their
sex is known but the Pet Porpoise Pool is pushing ahead with a naming

To register a name for the baby penguins email Angela Van Den Bosch on or enter your ideas on the Pet Porpoise Pool
Facebook page where you can also watch the video of these cute and fluffy little

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