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Our response to ‘The Project’ which aired March 30 2017


Statement in response to story on “The Project” airing 30th March 2017


Due to legal action threatened by Australia For Dolphins, Dolphin Marine Magic is under advice to release the following statement at this time:


  • -Dolphin Marine Magic is regulated and licenced by the NSW Department of Primary Industries under NSW standards and we hold an Animal Display Establishment
  • -Dolphin Marine Magic is very proud of the world class welfare provided to all the animals in our care. Some of these animals have been a part of our
    lives for more than 40 years and the staff who care for them on a daily basis are very familiar with their behaviour and the activities they enjoy,
    much like you may know the behaviour and likes of any animal family members in your own home.
  • -Dolphin Marine Magic recently achieved national accreditation by the Australian Zoo and Aquarium Association following an onsite assessment of positive
    animal welfare.
  • -The health of all the animals in care at Dolphin Marine Magic is closely monitored by an in-house veterinarian and in instances where treatment is
    required, this is carried out under experienced veterinary advice and in consultation with other national and international marine mammal veterinary
  • -The health and welfare of the animals at Dolphin Marine Magic has been verified over recent years by inspections from an independent veterinarian
    and the RSCPA, who found no animal welfare concerns.
  • -Dolphin Marine Magic works closely with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to respond to marine fauna events and we rescue, rehabilitate and
    release these animals where possible. Dolphin Marine Magic is the only facility licenced to rehabilitate dolphins and whales onsite and in the
    last five years has attended more than 70 marine mammal rescue call outs for animals such as dolphins, whales and seals.
  • -Australia For Dolphins have no expertise in the assessment of dolphin health or welfare and are basing their claims on studies conducted over thirty
    years ago.
  • -The RSPCA position statement on dolphins is not based on current scientific information and does not reference any scientific papers to support its
    assertions. Upon request Dolphin Marine Magic is happy to provide scientific references that rebuff many of the claims made in the RSPCA’s position


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