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Operations get a seal of approval

THE Pet Porpoise Pool’s marine animals are about to become TV stars with the
crew of Bondi Vet filming sight-saving surgeries on three of the mammals.

New Zealand fur seal Pearl and Australian sea lions Opal and Elle went under
the knife last week with operations performed by world-renowned aquatic animal
ophthalmologist Carmen Colitz, a senior vet from the Sea Life Park in Hawaii,
Beth Doescher, and Pacific Vet Care’s Kelly Griffin.

Pet Porpoise Pool vet Dr Duan March, who organised the operations, said they
ran very smoothly.

“There is always a risk when anaesthetising these animals, so we all breathed
a sigh of relief when the last animal woke up,” Dr March said.

Bondi Vet presenter and ophthalmologist Kelly Caruso took part in the surgery
and spent time in the park.

She was impressed with the quality of care that was provided to the animals
and was particularly amazed by how well all the animals were trained to receive
eye examinations and medication.

Dr March said they made it a priority to train the animals prior to any
treatment, so that there were no delays in their post-operative care.

“The animals at the Pet Porpoise Pool have some of the best training in the

The Bondi Vet story will focus on Pearl, who was rescued after her eye was
gouged by a fishing hook.

The operation repaired the sight in Pearl’s other eye to improve her quality
of life and allow her to interact with her pool mates again.

Her story will go to air in February.

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