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Staff & volunteers from Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, Dolphin Marine Rescue, Australian Sea Bird Rescue & Turtle Watch will be helping the
National Parks and Wildlife Service to monitor sea turtle nests along the Coffs Coast under the program “Turtle Watch”. The program aims to gather
more data on the frequency, location and incubation periods of sea turtle nests in NSW. “The program is great,” said Dr Duan March. “The sex of a sea
turtle is determined by the temperature of the nest. Temperatures down this way are cooler than up north, so all of the nests that we are monitoring
will most likely produce male offspring, which is important for the future of the species given the increasing feminisation of sea turtles in Queensland.
The results of the program so far have been promising and hopefully this we will see more and more sea turtles nesting down this way.” The nests are
nearly ready to hatch, so stay tuned for updates!

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