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New Zealand Fur Seal rescue

In early July 2013, Dolphin Marine Magic staff were called to investigate a small New Zealand Fur Seal that was seen laying on rocks at Winnona Headland, south of Hungry Head. Initially staff decided to simply monitor the seal’s progress  however over the course of a week, the seal’s body condition rapidly declined and Dolphin Marine Magic veterinarian, Dr. Duan March, determined the seal was unlikely to survive without assistance  

The seal was transported back to Dolphin Marine Magic and quickly dubbed “Rico” by staff. Rico began eating fish almost immediately and has started to gain body condition. With care he will continue to gain in strength and it is hoped that he will be ready for release back into the wild next week.

On Wednesday the 17th July a second New Zealand Fur Seal was brought to Dolphin Marine Magic for care however unfortunately it was heavily emaciated and despite efforts from Dolphin Marine Magic staff, it died hours after arrival.      

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