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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Marine Conservation in Coffs Harbour

Muttonbird Season 2019

Muttonbird Island in Coffs Harbour is full of activity as the Wedge-Tailed Shearwater fledglings begin their migration north. Sometimes the birds
become disoriented when first leaving the island and become stranded inland.


In a little over 2 weeks Dolphin Marine Conservation Park have seen over 50 Wedge tailed Shearwaters or as they are commonly known Mutton birds come
into our rehabilitation center. Some have been in good condition and may have just been lost, others need a bit more TLC. Our staff are working
hard to make sure as many as possible can go back up to Mutton Bird Island and start their journey again.


Dolphin Marine Conservation Park is working with with National Parks and Wildlife to conduct research on the Shearwaters that unfortunately are found
deceased. We will be looking for any plastic ingestion.



If you do find any Shearwaters around Coffs Harbour please bring to Dolphin Marine Conservation Park after hours drop off point at the front of
the Park or call WIRES. 


Thank you to the caring members of the public who have already brought in these beautiful birds.




– Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

– The front of NPWS jetty/harbour office

– Behind the Galley Cafe

– Behind the Fisherman’s Co-Op

– Under the stairs at the entrance of the Yacht Club

– The entrance of the Red-C building (previously deep sea fishing club)

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