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Muttonbirds in Coffs Harbour

Muttonbird resting

We have had several Muttonbirds come into Dolphin Marine Magic in the last few days. They are officially called Wedge Tailed Shearwaters. The two that
came in today were brought in by a member of the public who found them near Coffs Creek. We provide them the opportunity to rest and rehydrate
so they can be quickly released.

All the birds have been juveniles just at the age of fledging the nest. At this time of their lives all parental care has ceased. They are on their

There are numerous theories as to why these individuals get into trouble and need our help. A possibility is they get confused between the light of
the moon and town lights so fly the wrong direction. Poor weather, particularly strong winds make the life of weaker birds much more challenging.

It is quite common to find these birds in trouble at this time of year.

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