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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Turtle Rehabilitation in Coffs Harbour

Meet Tully

 “Tully” is a sub adult green sea turtle that was rescued last week by National Parks and Wildlife with what appears to be injuries inflicted from a boat strike resulting in a cracked skull and a cracked shell. “This is a really typical presentation for these animals” said Dr Duan March, the veterinarian at Dolphin Marine Magic (DMM). “People are either driving their boats too fast or the sea turtles are sick and have a decreased dive ability. The result is these parallel slashed down the length of the animal as the prop moves over. It is a pretty nasty injury and can be fatal” said Dr March. Despite the gruesome appearance of “Tully’s” wounds, the outlook is good. “This one will hopefully be a happy ending,” said Dr March. “It was a great example of everyone pitching in and working together. A member of the public called the National Parks and Wildlife service, who transported it the Macksville Veterinary clinic where the team did a great job of stabilising the animal and then my sister in law happened to be heading to Coffs Harbour from Port Macquarie and was able to pick up Tully and bring her the rest of the way north! The nieces and nephews were very excited about it all.” said Dr March. “Sea turtles have a very small and well protected brain” said Dr March, “ so when Tully arrived, we reduced the fracture, packed the wound out with some medical honey, got some pain relief and antibiotics on board and now we just wait and see. So far, so good. Tully is back in the water every second day now and shows no signs of brain damage. Hopefully she will be good to release when spring arrives” said Dr March.


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