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Seals in Coffs Harbour

Local Seal strandings

Thank you to all of the locals who have contacted us regarding these two seals. Please keep an eye on our FB page & News page for updates.


Moonee Beach Animal:

The seal is a Longnose fur seal, suspected to be around 18 months of age and has been at Moonee Beach for over a week now.. We commonly see these animals
in this region at this time of year and generally they just need some time to rest up. This animal has two wounds there were of some concern and
are being monitored by our veterinary staff. One small wound on the back of the animal is typical of a “cookie cutter shark” and is about 10 cm
in diameter. These wounds are common and generally they heal well without intervention. The other wound was more serious- it is a gash on the right
hand side of the face below the eye. Initially there was some swelling associated with the wound and the animal was having trouble opening the
eye. However over the last couple of days the wound seems to have improved and whilst there is some damage to the eye under neath, the animal can
see out of it. At the moment we are just monitoring the animal to make sure that the demeanor stay, bright, the face wound continues to heal without
infection and hopefully the lesion on the eye will heal as well.

Mullawarra Animal:

This animal has been seen between Arrawarra and Mullawarra for over a week now. It is a Longnose Fur seal and is around 18 months of age. With the
help of the public we have been keeping an eye on it and we were concerned a few days ago when it appeared to have trouble moving about onthe rocks
and looked very weak. Some of these animals have come over from new Zealand and can be completely exhausted when they arrive. However when the
animal was assessed yesterday it hopped straight up and went in the water, where is swam comfortably. Hopefully its demeanor will continue to improve
and at the moment the best place for the animal is exactly where it is. We will continue to monitor.

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