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We were recently walking on the beach and AJ stopped to point out a plastic shopping bag lying on the sand at the water’s edge, saying, “Mum we should
pick that up or it could end up killing a turtle, dolphin or bird.” As much as I didn’t fancy picking up the dirty wet bag, I did. How could I
not? Our visits to zoos, animal parks and aquariums has proved educational and given us a sense of responsibility towards our precious marine life.
I’m proud it has influenced AJ so positively and hopefully in the future she’ll continue to care and protect animals. Maybe she’ll even be the
one to pick up the wet yucky plastic bag.

So, while staying at Urunga Heads we took the opportunity to visit Dolphin Marine Magic which is in nearby Coffs Harbour. A day at Dolphin Marine Magic gave BJ an up close encounter with some beautiful marine animals and the rare opportunity to be part of the show. To say BJ was elated would be
an understatement. It was another highlight of our time in Coffs Harbour and accessible to all.

We timed our arrival at the park to ensure we didn’t miss the Marine Discovery Show and it turned out a highlight of our visit for BJ. Audience participation
was encouraged with the trainers asking for volunteers from the crowd. BJ’s hand was up faster than a dolphin swimming for its fish dinner. From
previous experience I doubted he’d be chosen as I think people query how he can participate. However, the lovely trainer, Luke, had a can-do spirit
and picked BJ. He gave him plenty of time and BJ lapped up both the opportunity to be included and the crowd’s encouragement. As BJ flashed us
a huge smile I realised it was going to be one of those very special travel moments I’ll treasure forever.


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