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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Eco Groms love WASTE!



Dolphin Marine Rescue – Animal Rehab Trust are looking for young eco-warriors to join their ‘EcoGroms’ team.

For a small annual fee, your child will get access to a great range of benefits including:

  • A free EcoGrom t-shirt
  • Invitations to Sea turtle releases events
  • Invitations to EcoGrom meetings to discuss marine conservation initiatives.

So if you’ve got a child that is interested in marine biology, animal rehabilitation and helping to make a difference to our environment, join
the EcoGrom program today.

So if you have or know of any primary school aged kids who are interested in everything from waste management within schools; education programs about
our rock pools; and helping out with the rehabilitation and release of sea turtles plus much much more??!!

Contact us about “EcoGroms” to find our more

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