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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

DMM & TAFE provide marine fauna training to NPWS

Dolphin Marine Magic are hosting training for National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in responding to marine fauna events for the  over the
next two weeks.

The training kicked off at DMM on Thursday the 30th March 2017 and will be followed up in Sydney and the South Coast the following week.


“We developed this training with TAFE NSW to assist NPWS with how they respond the whales, dolphins, seals and turtles that come ashore. The goal of
the course is to make sure that stranded individuals receive the best possible first aid to increase the chances that they can be released. When
this can’t happen, we also cover what samples to take so the causes of the stranding can be investigated” said Dr Duan March, of DMM.


Susan Crocetti from NPWS make up the rest of the team delivering the training for TAFE NSW.

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