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Cute seal having a rest

This juvenile long nose fur seal was seen hauled out over the weekend at South West Rocks. These animals frequently visit this part of the world during
the winter months and everyone is reminded that an exclusion zone of 30 meters should be maintained to avoid stressing the animal.

Dolphin Marine Magic is monitoring the situation with ORRCA and NPWS and at the moment all parties agree that the best course of action is to continue
to monitor the animal and see how it fares on its own. Whilst it looks very small, these seals are normally about 18 months of age when they visit
our coastline and are very capable of foraging for their own food- so please do not feed the animal.

If you see a seal & suspect it is in distress please contact Dolphin Marine Magic 6659 1900 or NPWS 6652 0900

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