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Could you resist a face like this?

EASTER brought a bundle of joy to the Pet Porpoise Pool with the arrival of a
new seal pup at dawn on Saturday.

Paige Sinclair the CEO said that the female pup had brought a lot of
joy to staff and visitors at the pool.

Nine – year – old mum, Cindy, is extremely protective of her pup, her second,
and the seventh Australian sea lion born at the Pet Porpoise Pool.

Australian sea lions are an endangered species, with only around 10,000 now
left in the wild, the majority between Adelaide and Perth.

The largest known colony of Australian sea lions is on Kangaroo Island in the
Great Australian Bight. The Pet Porpoise Pool is the largest Australian sea lion
breeding colony in captivity in the world.

The seal pup weighs about four to five kilos and will weigh around 80kg when
fully grown, unlike her father Hercules, who weighs more than 250kg.

The average weight of male sea lions can be anything between 250kg to 350kg.

The pup won’t enter the water until she is a month old as seals do not
instinctively swim.

They have to learn to swim but once they do go in the water it only takes a
few days for them to learn.

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