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ConGRADulations Stacy!!

Dolphin Marine Magic would like to congratulate one of our marine animal trainers, Stacy Fairfax, for receiving her master’s degree in, “Marine Science
and Management,” from Southern Cross University and the National Marine Science Centre. Stacy’s thesis-project focused on measuring the welfare
of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) at Dolphin Marine Magic after the animals participated in the park’s guest
interactions. The research found that, behaviourally, the dolphins were more engaged with their toys, the guests at the poolside, and each other
after guest interactions. The results also showed that the dolphins’ stress hormone (cortisol) levels were not elevated after guest interactions.
Research, such as this, is important to DMM as we are committed to providing optimal welfare for all species under our care. ConGRADulations, Stacy!

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