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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Coffs prepares for World Ocean Day

WORLD Ocean Day, a celebration of marine life recognising the importance of
ocean conservation, will be marked on the Coffs Coast this Tuesday.

The day marks the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity,
dedicated to protecting endangered marine species such as coral reefs, sea
turtles and the Great White Shark.

The National Marine Science Centre, the NSW Marine Parks Authority and the
Pet Porpoise Pool plan to make sure the day is firmly entrenched on the

“Given our dolphins and seals are ambassadors of the local marine wildlife,
we see it as important to encourage people to have empathy for animals in the
ocean,” Angela Van Den Bosch Marketing Manager of the Pet Porpoise Pool said.

“Our philosophy is empathy through contact with our animals and by doing so
we hope to create more of an awareness and appreciation of all marine
creatures,” she said.

Since its beginnings in 1970, the Pet Porpoise Pool has functioned as a rescue
and rehabilitation centre and today continues its work of rehabilitating sea
turtles and returning them to the wild.

On average, the veterinary department treats around 35 sea turtles a year, 60
per cent of which are successfully released back into the ocean.

To further show off this work, and the tourist attraction’s wider public
appeal – its performing dolphins and seals – the Pet Porpoise Pool is offering locals
half price admission every weekend during June, July and August.

The National Marine Science Centre is urging the public to visit its aquarium
while showing the research and conservation carried out in conjunction with the
marine park authority in the Solitary Island Marine Park.

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