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Calf stealing the limelight

NOT many seven-week-old babies can swim but Jet, the newest addition to the
Pet Porpoise Pool family, is already powering along like an Olympian.

An alert and curious young dolphin, Jet has been stealing the limelight from
his mum, Calamity, since his birth on December 3.

The youngster enjoys swimming past the viewing window and sneaking a peek at
Pool visitors even though Calalmaity likes to position herself protectively
between her baby and the window.

“At seven weeks of age, Jet is now more adventurous, exploring on his own
when he can sneak away from mum just for a few moments,” said Greg Pickering,
Senior Dolphin Curator at the Pet Porpoise Pool. “He’s starting to touch and
play with the balls the trainers provide for the other dolphins.”

One of the intimate moments visitors can witness is Jet nursing from his
mother through the viewing windows and observation ridge provided at the

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