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Bridging the Gap

The Sea Turtle Foundation organised a conference in Ballina yesterday that was attended by sea turtle rehabilitators and sea turtle researchers from
across NSW and QLD. The conference was titled “Bridging the Gap” and was designed to link included delegates from all six facilities on the east
coast of Australia that rehabilitate sea turtles including Taronga Zoo, SeaWorld and Dolphin Marine Magic and four universities that are actively
engaged in sea turtle research. Conference conveyor Dr Duan March said “the point of the conference was to make sure that we are getting the most
information out of each turtle that does not make it through the rehabilitation process. Whilst the goal of rehabilitation is always to heal these
animals and get them ready for release, the animals that either die or need to be euthanized during the process offer a really special opportunity
to learn about processes that may be threatening these animals in the wild.”

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