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Back to the sea they go

STUDENTS from Sandy Beach Public School had a special lesson earlier this week and one they are not likely to forget.

The team from Dolphin Marine Magic met year six students at Sandy Beach with two green sea turtles and one hawksbill ready to be released after their

After a close look at the turtles and a Q&A with Dolphin Marine Magic’s vet Dr Duan March, the students gathered down on the beach ready to watch
the moment the turtles were set free.

Students were excited as each turtle was walked down to the waves, released and watched them swim off strong and confident back to the ocean.

“We try to get down to the beach twelve times a year and try do as many possible lessons down here,” Sam Murgatroyd, assistant principal and teacher
at Sandy Beach Public School said.

“We’re studying the Great Barrier Reef and learning all about sustainability, built environments and our impact on coastal environments.

“This is the first turtle release these kids have seen so they were very excited.


Story & image courtesy Coffs Coast Advocate

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