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Bella the Dolphin



Born: July 11, 2005, at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park; Father – Bucky; Mother – Calamity

Species: Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus)

Bella is the eldest daughter of Bucky and Calamity. Bella is a very cheeky dolphin and enjoys posing for photos and splashing guest poolside. She is one of the most interactive animals at the park and enjoys playing in the underwater windows at the dolphin lagoon; either playing peek–a–boo with guests or blowing bubbles.

Bella is one of the animals you can get in the water with as she enjoys guest interaction; whether it is be playing fetch or enjoying belly rubs. In the swim interactions, Bella helps spread the message of fishing-related injures to marine life just like her mum Calamity.