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A seal of approval for recycling

COFFS Harbour’s Pet Porpoise Pool
has received top marks in its first recycling “exam”.

Late last year, the Pet Porpoise
Pool designed and installed three recycling stations, with Handybin Waste
Services providing clear signage for each.

The first waste assessment for the
facility showed that four out of every five bins from the Pet Porpoise Pool was
recyclable material.

This represents a diversion of
almost 80 per cent of the pool’s waste away from landfill, described as “quite
staggering” by one observer.

The environment manager for
Handybin Waste Services, Darryn Westman, said they were very impressed with the
results, which showed just what could be achieved.

“The management and staff of the
Pet Porpoise Pool work very hard to reduce the amount of waste that goes to
landfill, and educating visitors about recycling forms part of the show,” he

Staff members are no strangers to
implementing environmentally sound practices throughout all operations and chief
executive officer Paige Sinclair is a champion for sustainability.

“We set up the recycling stations
to help our visitors understand how to use the different bins and make the bins
easy to use,” Ms Sinclair said.

For more information on waste
management and recycling for business, contact Darryn Westman on 6652

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