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a dolphin calf born October 24th 2013

Dolphin Marine Magic has welcomed its newest addition. Calamity, a 27 year old indo pacific bottlenose dolphin, gave birth to a healthy calf at 2:42am today. The calf is under the close care and supervision of the marine mammal specialists. The calf has been spending its time by its mother’s side nursing. At this stage the sex of the new born is unknown.

Dolphin Marine Magic CEO Paige Sinclair, “We are excited to have a healthy new calf at Dolphin Marine Magic.  It was a very quick birth. Within ten minutes of the tail being sighted, the calf was free and Calamity was teaching it to swim. Both Mother and calf are in good health.

Dolphin Marine Magic’s Life Sciences Manager, Aaron Tolley said” While Mother and calf are doing well, the calf will be closely monitored for three months up to a year. The risk to the health of new born calves is quite high and close observation and monitoring is critical at this stage.”

Calamity has been through a 12 month pregnancy, closely monitored by Dolphin Marine Magic staff. Dr Duan March, veterinarian for Dolphin Marine Magic, said “Calamity has undergone routine blood samples and ultrasound to monitor the foetal growth and make sure everything has been progressing as it should. Calamity has handled the pregnancy well and she has been a great mother to daughter Bella and son Jet so we expect her to do so with the calf.”

The calf will spend the next three years nursing by its mother’s side. Aaron and the other marine specialists will be right there, watching it grow.  “This is an amazing job but watching a calf born is something special,” says Aaron Tolley.

For those people visiting the park the calf can be seen swimming with its mum.

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