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Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

32 turtles in one month

Since December 2019 Dolphin Marine Rescue Animal Rehab Trust (DMRART) has received 32 sea turtles into their care.

Most of these sea turtles are sub adult green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles aged around 10-15 years old.

These turtles come into care with an issue called ‘float syndrome’ where a gas build up inside of their coelomic cavity causes them to float on the
surface of the water limiting their ability to dive and forage for food, causing them to become emaciated and develop large quantities of epibiota
(barnacles and algae).

Generally the total time these sea turtles spend in rehabilitation here at DMR is about 3-4months and then they’re released back to the location where
they were found.

If you see any injured sea turtles in distress phone Dolphin Marine Conservation Park 1300 547 737 or Coffs Harbour National Parks & Wildlife Office
6652 0900. 

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